10 Simplest Methods to Make Windows 10 Like Windows 7

If you’ve improved to Home windows 10 but don’t love what the truth is, there are ways to make windows 10 like windows 7. After you make windows 10 like windows 7, you can have the familiar interface you like while still taking good thing about  Home windows 10’s other useful features. One takes a look at Windows 10 and you will visit a variety of design changes. Some users think it’s great, while some hate it. If you like a few of the new features, but hate that they look, there are many easy tweaks that can make windows 10 like windows 7.

Ways to Make Windows 10 Like Windows 7

You need to check the steps to make Windows 10 like windows 7.

Get a Home Windows 7-like Start Menu with Common Shell

Make Windows 10 Like Windows 7 1

Microsoft type of brought the beginning menu back Home windows 10. But it has been given a major overhaul. If you wish the Windows 7 Start menu back again, set up the free program Classic Shell. You can download it from the end of this article. You can also download images of the Windows 7 Start orb and use that on the Taskbar for the beginning menu. It’s not only more much like Windows 7’s start menu, but it’s insanely customizable, to get the beginning menu of your dreams.

Make File Explorer Look and Work Like Windows Explorer

Make Windows 10 Like Windows 7 2


There are a great number of changes in Home windows 10’s File Explorer in comparison to Windows 7’s Home windows Explorer. If you are unhappy with the changes, you can get the appearance and feel of the Windows 7’s Windows Explorer back again with a free of charge tool called OldNewExplorer, along with some tweaks to the adjustments and registry that eliminate ribbon, hide FAST ACCESS, and substantially more.

Add Color to the Home Window Title Bars

Make Windows 10 Like Windows 7 3

The title pubs on windows in Home windows 10 are white by default. But that’s boring! Fortunately, the latest version of Home windows 10 enables you to then add color to the name pubs in the adjustments, permitting you to make your desktop a bit more like the windows 7. Just check out Settings > Personalization > Colors to improve them.

Take away the Cortana Box and Activity View Button from the Taskbar

Make Windows 10 Like Windows 7 4

The Windows 7 Start menu included a Search field directly on the menu. In Home windows 10, that search pack was shifted to the Taskbar and built-into Cortana (personal helper) and the duty View (virtual desktops) button was put into the Taskbar as well. Neither Cortana nor Process View was available in the windows 7. So, to keep our transformation to a Home windows 7-like experience, you can remove both of these from the Taskbar-you simply need to right-click on the taskbar. De-select the option of the “Show Task View Button” and go to Cortana > Hidden to make windows 10 like windows 7.

Disable the Action Center

Make Windows 10 Like Windows 7 5

The Action Centre is a fresh feature of Home windows 10 that can be found by clicking on the note bubble on the right part of the Taskbar. It’s helpful for finding all recent notifications it’s likely you have missed, and honestly, we think it’s worthwhile keeping-it’s one of the most useful revisions to the windows 10. But, if you truly want to reduce it, you can disable the Action Middle by heading to Settings > System > Notifications & Activities and press “Turn System Symbols On or Off”. Following that you can change Action Centre off with a straightforward slider and make windows 10 like windows 7.

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You might still see popup notifications above one’s body tray. You merely won’t be in a position to view them following the truth if you miss them.

SIGN IN with an area Account Rather than a Microsoft Account

Make Windows 10 Like Windows 7 6

As of Home windows 8, your Home windows account is linked to your Microsoft bank account by default. Therefore you get on your personal computer with your Microsoft email and security password. If you wish to return to by using a local profile to make windows 10 like windows 7, like you performed in Home windows 7, you can revert your Home windows 10 consideration to an area one using these instructions. You can even create a fresh local account that’s not linked to your Microsoft account if you like.

Play Game titles like Solitaire and Minesweeper without Ads

Make Windows 10 Like Windows 7 7

Home windows 7’s ever-popular free game titles, such as Solitaire and Minesweeper. They were removed in Windows 8. The windows 10 includes the Microsoft Solitaire Collection app. However, the game will highlight banner advertising and full-screen video recording advertising, bugging you for $20 per year to find the ad-free versions. Luckily, there are many free (and ad-free) variations of the popular game titles out there.

Disable the Lock Display (on Windows 10 Enterprise)

Make Windows 10 Like Windows 7 8

The lock display screen looks pleasing to the eye. However, it is absolutely more of an impression screen-friendly feature. It is not really necessary or especially useful on the desktop. It used to be the truth if you were utilizing any version of the windows 10. You might disable the lock display screen to make windows 10 like windows 7. However, by the Anniversary Upgrade of the windows 10, you can only just disable the lock display if you work with Windows 10 Venture. So, if you are using any version of Home windows 10, you’re trapped with the lock display for now.

Easily Gain access to the Basic Personalization Window

By default, when you right-click on the Windows 10 desktop and choose Personalize, you are taken up to the new Personalization section in Computer Options. However, the Personalization windows from Home windows 7 continues to be available in the Control -panel. You can include a shortcut to the desktop which means you can quickly gain access to the common Personalization window if you like it.

Right-click on the desktop and choose New > Folder from the popup menu to make windows 10 like windows 7.

Make Windows 10 Like Windows 7 9

Backup and paste the next text into the name of the folder and press Enter.


Make Windows 10 Like Windows 7 10

The icon changes to the personalization icon and the name of the folder also changes to Personalization. Double-click this icon to gain access to the typical Personalization screen in the Control -panel. This will help you to make windows 10 like windows 7.

Make Windows 10 Like Windows 7 11

It isn’t as effective as right-clicking, but at least you have an instant shortcut now.

Set the Home windows 7 Wallpaper as Your Desktop Background

Last, but definitely not least, you can transform the desktop history to the basic Home windows 7 wallpaper. You could pick up it right here-just right-click on the image and save it someplace on your pc. Then, right-click on the image in Document Explorer and choose “Set as Desktop Background.”

Make Windows 10 Like Windows 7 13

Now, you can pretend that you never improved to Home windows 10. At least until Microsoft causes Windows 10 changes down your efforts to make Windows 10 like windows 7.

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