Astro File Manager Major Benefits You Should Know

On a typical Google Android handset, finding downloaded documents and software data can be difficult, if not impossible. So a good file manager is main utilities that each Android cellphone owner should download. The Astro File Manager can last well in this respect.

Astro is one of the key players in this category. They have a variety of talents to obtain the most out of your mobile. Not least is the choice to hook up to other cell phones and computer systems over Wireless or Bluetooth (requires the download of the free Astro Wireless and Astro Bluetooth modules), making shunting around documents and dropping photographs on your laptop a doddle once setup. Though it isn’t exactly graphics-heavy you can configure the software to your style, changing toolbar switches and tweaking icon screen and layout.

WHAT’S Astro File Manager

Android phones execute a whole lot of things well, but file management generally is not just one of them–at least, not immediately from the container. Astro File Manager (available in a free of charge, fully useful, advertising-supported version or an Expert version without advertising, available on price) fills that difference. Astro is a file explorer, archive manager, backup utility, and job manager all rolled into one. In addition, it has optional add-on modules to increase its features: Astro SMB Component allows network surfing around, copying, and pasting of documents on Home windows or Samba server, and Astro Bluetooth Component brings OBEX FTP support for surfing devices and mailing/receiving documents using cellular Bluetooth networking. Astro is so useful, I would recommend it among the first software you should mount on your Google Android phone.

Main Features

Gleam backup feature that allows you to replicate applications to Sd card, ready for quick re-installation when your phone fail. That is also very convenient for owners of old Android telephones which quickly go out of internal ram and do not allow software to elope Sdcard. If there are a few applications you do not often use, they could be supported on SD and erased from the handset, prepared to re-install in a jiffy if the need arises. There are a number of other tools included too, like a detailed Sd card utilization keep an eye on and process manager which enables you to see what it is that’s slowing your telephone or filling its storage instantly, so this means you’re in complete control.

It also supports uncomfortable (on mobile, in any case) email accessories by permitting you to view .pdf data files and even remove .zip or .tar documents. Astro is totally free (ad-supported) or you can purchase the Expert version without advertisings a small amount of money. Overall, it’s an app that no self-respecting Google android consumer should be without.

Astro File Manager Functionality

Astro File Manager excels as a file manager. You could browse documents both on these devices and on the SDCARD, with a choice to toggle between icon and list views. By default, Astro hides file extensions–a behavior I find annoying. Changing this screen option is simple, but the avenue is slightly unintuitive (Menu, View, Change View, Collection Website directory Options, uncheck Cover File Extensions, and then click Apply). You may edit file labels, copy/paste, go for multiple items, create .zip archives (specifically useful if you want to e-mail several data files simultaneously), draw out .zip and .tar file archives, and search.

The search function permits some advanced guidelines, including specific folders, subfolders, file size, aged/newer than, and exclusion. You get no split option to limit your search to specific file types, nevertheless, you can, for example, find all the photographs on the SDCARD just by keying in “.jpg” into the search box. Likewise, you can form data by name, day, size, and enter ascending or descending order.

You save folder locations as bookmarks; just press and keep a folder because of this option. Bookmarks are a genuine time-saver if you want to stay on a course back through the sophisticated folder hierarchy to be able to find an important file.

Astro File Manager Capabilities

Astro carries an activity manager, which it calling Process Manager. In such a tool you can view which programs are running and exactly how much storage they are employing. You can even kill programs here, which is especially convenient if an app is misbehaving or slowing your mobile phone down.

Astro File Manager also offers limited but useful backup capabilities. You may less difficult all or a few of your software (Market-installed programs only; in my own lab tests Astro was struggling to recognize non-Market software such as Mozilla’s Fennec) to the SDCARD folder of your decision. You might like to less difficult your applications for two reasons. First, if you get a fresh Android telephone, you can just replace the SDCARD from your old telephone and rebuild the software on your brand-new phone and never have to download them one at a time. Second, if you produce an app that you count on, you may make a backup before you revise the app; because of this, if the revise introduces an insect or breaks an attribute, you can move back to the prior version.

Astro File Manager Positives & Downsides:

  • Very smart file management that comes totally loaded with plenty of options to control the file content on your android device with easy to check out menus.
  • Could do with a less strenuous way to make contact with the software’s leading menu as sometimes if you double-tap too much, it requires you right from it.

Astro File Manager Review:

Astro File Manager has been made to help you set up and view your pictures, music, documents and other data files on your Google Android device rapidly and incredibly intuitively. It has a clear, sharp and uncluttered forward end menu with easily understandable menu options that will cause you to the right content management of your decision.

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Once a choice has been chosen, another screen reveals you with a fairly easy way to understand through your interior and external storage, the file types, and other file types such as Podcasts, Ringtones, Downloads, USB Storage area, plus much more.

I really like the sub-menu concept the Astro File Manager offers. Here you can move it up or down just like a scroll bar making use of your finger. Also, your options offer you such scope to take action a lot more with the documents stored on your device. For instance, you can move, backup, drag your documents, create new folders, view them in a list or in a grid, type them, set tastes etc. Your options are excellent and depending on how much you truly keep stored on your device, you may spend some time fiddling with it but it’ll lead you effectively and handily to your articles.


Among the first programs, I downloaded on Google Android was Astro File Manager that was the clear innovator in the first times of the program. It offers more than 50 million downloads on the Play Store, but a lot of users have changed to other apps. Maybe some should come back again to Astro File Manager with the new v6 revise, which happens to be in beta. It’s a fairly significant redesign.

Here’s the changelog for Astro v6.

  • Fixed a concern with DropBox not replicating files correctly
  • Major UI/UX revisions all around
  • New home screen
  • Insect fixes and performance improvements

There are a few monitors of the Astro File Manager old version below and that means you can easily see how extreme the change is. The brand new version brings a shaded action/status bar, a fresh navigation menu, floating action button, and much more. Those old-fashioned gradients have died, too. Gleam home display screen in the software that provides fast access to file types, recent data files, cloud accounts, and so forth.

Astro File Manager Major 1

Astro File Manager Major 2

Astro File Manager Major 3

If you wish to browse the new version of Astro File Manager, the beta program comes in the Play Store. Otherwise, we have it on APK Reflection by the end of the article.


What the Astro File Manager also offers you on leading menu are options for Program Backup, Process Killer (Process Management), and SDCARD Consumption. Each one alone is absolutely useful. I especially like the SDCARD Usage as it offers me a clear and easily understandable view of how my micro SD card has been used.

There’s a STARTING OUT option available in the Astro File Manager Help. It is very interesting and explains a lot of the functions with screenshots. And yes it will take anyone to Astro’s Support Site if you truly get stuck.

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