Best budget app | List of the Best 3 budget apps(2018)

Best budget app

Is it becoming difficult for you to manage your money and you are looking for best budget app? Here is the list of top 3 budget apps.

Managing all the money property is a bit difficult task. But now is the time where almost everyone has an Android or iOS phone. So why to worry? Because you can use your Android phone in order to manage your money properly and to save the much of it. By using the best budget app for Android or iOS, you can easily manage and handle your money for the upcoming budgets.
you will observe a notifiable change in your money managing system and savings after using the budget apps available for Android and IOS. These apps present the data in a more precise and accurate way and you can easily see and manage your money by using these best budget apps.

But, after you have decided to use a budget app in your Android or iOS phone, There comes a question in mind about which app to use for the purpose. But, don’t worry because here, I have come with a list of  top 3 best budget apps suiting for you in the best ways.


  • Easy managing money
  • Records of complete money profile
  • Categorization is easy
  • Better money saving
  • Easy transfer details
  • Use it anywhere

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So,let me drive you to the top 3 best budget apps.

Here is the list of Top 3 Best Budget Apps

1. AndroMoneybest budget app

The is the best budget app available on the google play store for android users. It has the best user ratings of 4.7 till now and moreover it is free to use. It has all the important features one would need.


  • Supports Multiple accounts and support account balance & account transfer
  • Includes Cloud Storage (Dropbox , Google Docs)
  • Can SYNC with other devices
  • One can use Any currency with downloadable rates
  • Easy Number pad with calculation to use
  • Provides Hierarchical categories with custom attributes
  • Simple/ Detail / Custom Budgets
  • Trend, Pie and Bar charts for Expense and Cash Flow
  • Best available Password Protection
  • It can easily Overview your expense and income summary
  • You can Backup your data to Excel/ Mac Number for future

As you can clearly see, this budget app is providing almost all the important and useful features as also described by the officials. It must be your first preference if you are looking for a free and featured budget app.

Download from Google play by clicking below


2. Finance Managerbest budget app

This is also the top most available smart budget app where you can easily manage your money from your phone. It has the user rating of 4.6 on google play store. The app is quite handy and easy to use. And also provides a lot of useful options and features for easy managing of money


  • Provides Unlimited attention to your wishes and recommendations
  • Convenient, easy and functional interface
  • Has Reliable support
  • Easy management of any quantity of accounts
  • Provide the necessary basic features like add, edit and delete operations on wallets: income, expenses, transfers
  • It has editable tree of categories, adjusts it for yourself in your own way
  • Opportunity to add new currencies
  • Provides good opportunity to adjust periodical (recurring) operations
  • The application will be precise on how much money you owe or somebody owes you
  • Provides Protection of your personal information by password
  • Possibility to synchronize data on several devices without hesitation
  • Possibility to create templates operations easily
  • Includes Import and export data feature
  • Easy Export data to XLS

Download from Google play by clicking below


3. Money Manager Expense & Budgetbest budget app

This is also a very popular budget app available for phone. And also has a very good users rating of 4.6 of google play store. The app also offers a pro version but it’s basic version is also great and good functioning. The main difference between the free and pro version is that in pro version, there will not be any adds and there would be unlimited assets. However, in the free version, it supports 10 assets and there are adds too which are not that much annoying.


  • Supports Budget and expense management function
  • Easy Credit / Debit Card management function
  • Feature of Applying double entry bookkeeping accounting system
  • Passcode protection system
  • Instant statistics available
  • Also provides Transfer, direct debit and recurrence function
  • Has Bookmark function
  • Backup / Restore function also available

Download from google play store by clicking below


If you have any question to ask related to the topic, feel free to ask me below in the comments section.

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