Difference between Modem and Router

Modem and Router both are the important devices or parts in any computer network. To make a complete internet connection between a user and consumer, Modem and routers are used. Sometimes, these are constructed and built in a same device and hence the device has the property of both modem and router. However, both of these perform different tasks in a computer network. And here, we will be discussing about the difference between Modem and Router. First of all, let’s know the basic functions of Modem and router. And hence, will be knowing the “difference between modem and router” too.

Modem basically stands for modulator-demodulator ( ModulationDemodulation ) which serves in as a scaffold by converting, converting or decoding signals over into advanced information. A modem associates one PC to your ISP. Modulation is the place an advanced flag from your PC are changed over to a simple flag of a phone line. Then again, Demodulation is quite recently inverse procedure of adjustment. A modem interfaces your PC system to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) without a modem you can not get to the web.

difference between modem and router

Whereas, A Router is a systems administration gadget that guides the course to the information parcels or data packets on the system. A router joins numerous PCs to a system. This systems administration gadget sends that information from the router to gadgets inside the system. For example, portable workstations, cell phones and tablets. It can associate more than one gadget by Ethernet link or Wi-Fi flag. Remote routers are basic for home and business utilize. Router is likewise used to associate diverse systems together. Router can interface two LANs together or two WANs together or LAN and WAN together. A router isn’t fundamental for associating a PC system to the Internet though, a router is just intended to disperse the information to the predetermined PC.

Here is a list of main difference between Modem and Router

Difference 1

Modem is a gadget that has a mix of a flag modulator and a flag demodulator.

Router is a gadget that interfaces various systems together.

Difference 2

A modem changes over advanced flag of your PC to the simple flag of phone line and the other way around.

Router looks at an information bundle and decide it’s way to achieve the goal PC.

Difference 3

Modem acquires the asked for data from the web to your system.

Router circulates that asked for data to your PC.

Difference 4

Modem is fundamental to get to the web as it associates your PC to ISP.

You can get to the web without utilizing a router.

Difference 5

Modem works on Data connect layer.

Router works at the Physical Layer, Data Link Layer, Network Layer.

Difference 6

Modem does not analyze information parcel; subsequently, security risk is dependably there.

Router inspect each datum parcel before sending it, to decide the danger.

A modem is fundamental for an Internet association, yet when utilized with a router, it can convey an association with different gadgets, and include a degree security for the flag. You can interface a DSL modem straightforwardly to a solitary PC. A router can’t give a flag without a modem.

At whatever point you interface with a web access, the modem associates with the service and the router makes the service accessible to you.

Hence, these are the main difference between modem and router.

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