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Do intelligent people use more internet

Do intelligent people use more internet ? Here is what the smart and professionally developed people say from their experience.

First of all one needs to understand whether someone is born intelligent or intelligence come later. One of the great saying is Geniuses aren’t only born – they can be made too. Certainly, one can born with a certain amount of intelligence. Which is very difficult for someone else to achieve the intellectual abilities of someone else, who born with a different set or character of genes. So, when someone developed mentally well then intelligence comes through many ways which almost everyone is searching for. And most of these people look “do intelligent people use more internet” for increasing their intelligence. Or they don’t use it more. Here is the answer’s conclusion given by many well developed and intelligent people. Answer and discussions’ conclusions about “do intelligent people use more internet”.

Correlation between Intelligence and internet usage timedo intelligent people use more internet

As such there is no established correlation between a person’s IQ level present in him/her and the amount of the time he/she spends surfing the net and internet. But it is also very well known, seen and experimented that people having a higher mental acuity are very much interested in all the activities. The activities which involve something related to the knowledge storing and sharing. This is because of the fact that a highly developed brain craves raw factual matter just like a typical greedy person has got an enormous appetite for the food. This phenomenon often creeps into online domain as well. Where users are forever searching for vast amounts of information in order to quench their thirst for awareness and mastery about the world around them.

So, yes, smarter and intelligent people on an average use more resources at their disposal in the pursuit of increased know. And how and skills required to maximize their analytical and holistic understanding. Just because almost everything is present on the internet. Intelligent people do search more and serve the internet more. They do so in order to acquire more and more knowledge. The knowledge about whatever they interact with something new. Moreover they do surf the internet to develop them intelligent people use more internet

The bottom line about (do intelligent people use more internet) is that in general, people who are much more accustomed to racking their brains on a regular basis and time. They find a comfort place in the virtual world of the unlimited and endless collection of data. Which is to to be consumed by ever hungry souls in never ending and desperate quest for discovery of this universe.

Why do intelligent people use more internet

  • Intelligent people use more internet. Because the internet is true universities these days. That is they can gain knowledge in any platform.
  • They use internet to develop them both physically and mentally
  • Intelligent people also use internet to interact which the different thinking world
  • They use the internet in order to access the reports about what is going on around them and through what they can themselves more smart and aware of the going conditions
  • As others, intelligent people of course use the internet to interact with their friend, family members, colleagues etc.
  • And there are too many things, they would be using the internet for.

Conclusion of “do intelligent people use more internet

As it takes time to do all these stuff and yet, all of this is important too in the daily life. So, yes, of course now there is no question of “do intelligent people use more internet”. Intelligent people do use more internet.

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