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don't touch my phone
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Don’t touch my phone Security

If you want your phone to notify you whenever someone touches it, then, here I will show you how you can achieve don’t touch my phone feature.

If you want your phone to notify you whenever someone touches it, then, here I will show you how you can achieve don’t touch my phone feature.

Many of the people gets their phone lost or being stolen when they misplace it somewhere. They do not remember where they actually have kept the phone. The place could be different like gym, shop, Mall, office etc. And from there anyone can rob it. So, if you want that whenever you have placed your phone at such places and you want your phone to notify you via loud alarm whenever someone touches it. Then, in this guide I’m going to tell you how you can achieve a “ don’t touch my phone ” feature  very easily.So, whenever someone will try to touch your phone, you will easily be notified.

Don’t touch my phone

It is also one of the best available future of Android operating system all simply Android phones. By using this feature in your Android phone there would be a less chance of getting your phone robbed around you at certain places like gym, office etc. What this feature does is that it produces a loud noise when someone touch seat after you have enable the feature in your phone.

Working of don’t touch my phone

In order to achieve this feature, we are going to use and Android application called as don’t touch my phone. As soon as you’re unable to activate this application, it will start its working against being touched by someone. You can also add additional pin verification to it. By doing so, whenever someone will touch your phone, it will start alarming loudly and the pin must to be entered in order to stop that alarm, which only you can do. In this way, you would easily be notifiable about your phone being touched.

To make it proper working in your phone, and knowing about how to do it,

Follow the steps given below to achieve don’t touch my phone

  1. First of all, you will need to download application from the Play Store by searching its name don’t touch my phone ( link is given at the end of the procedure )Don't touch my phone
  2. After you have downloaded it come open the app. And if it asks for permission, then, grant or allow it. And from the first interface, click on ActivateDon't touch my phone
  3. As soon as you activate it features, a countdown will start for 3 seconds. And before it reaches 0, lock or power Off your phone by clicking the power button once as normal lock. And place it anywhere you likeDon't touch my phone
  4. Now, when anyone will try to touch your phone, it will start alarming loudly which will notify youDon't touch my phone
  5. If you want addition pin security, then, you can set the pin by clicking on the pin option present on the home interface.Don't touch my phone
  6. And then, again activate and lock your phone as told above. So, now, when someone will touch your phone, he won’t be able to stop it until he enters the correct pindon't touch my phone

In this way you can increase your phone security from being stolen or from being touched or used by anyone else except your permission.

If you are facing any problem regarding this, write down below in the comments section.

You can download the Don’t touch my phone application from official google play store by clicking below

Click here

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