Facebook autoliker 2018 (100% working)

Facebook autoliker 2018

Do you want to get hundreds of likes for your facebook posts,pictures or anything?Then,I will teach how you can easily get it for every post by this guide.

As everyone wants to become high in name and fame everywhere and as you all know that almost everyone is using facebook or any other social media to interact with friends and other people and as far as facebook and autoliker is concerned, everyone want to get popular in the overall media or at least among his/her friends and all among his friend list and what actually happens is that they think that the person has more fame who is having more likes on his posts and all the stuff but not everyone can get up to it.

So,today I will tell you about how you can get all those likes for free using a very easy to use facebook autoliker.This trick and software is slowly and slowly becoming more popular among the facebook users since everyone wants to get popular and want more and more likes over their facebook stuffs.So, let me tell you that it is really very easy to achieve this now even if you don’t have any friend in your friend list.
Let me tell you something important about this trick and application or software.This software and trick actually connects all the users using this software and uses every user access to like other’s posts also without telling or notifying them.You can watch this activity in your activity log.However,this is not a big issue.You can securely use this method to achieve your free likes anytime.Moreover, no one else would be able to see your likes from this app means the likes given by the app to others using your profile.So, overall this is really a very nice and impressing method and everyone should try it.

So,let’s start the procedure about how to do this.

Follow the steps given below:

  1. First of all, go to your facebook setting after logging in.And then go to your followers setting and you will get here and make all privacy options as publicfacebook autoliker
  2. Now,you can see that I have just posted a post for showing you the proof myself by using the autolikerfacebook autoliker
  3. Ok, so, now you will have to download the facebook autoliker software and the link to download that is given at the end of the procedure.
  4. After downloading, Install the software and open it and then you will get herefacebook autolikerAnd click on Login with Facebook option.
  5. Now,simply type in your account details like email and password and then click on Login optionfacebook autoliker
  6. It will now ask you for the permission of htc sense to get your authority to the app features and allow it.After that it will show you a captcha and clarify that and then click on continuefacebook autoliker
  7. It will login to your facebook account. Now you would easily be able to see you recent and old posts and several other options like photos etcfacebook autoliker
  8. Now,you can see the number of likes you want to add or get on the post. And you can vary it from the likes amount box next to the status id. Select the likes amount and click on Autolikefacebook autoliker
  9. It will start processing and adding likes to your selected postfacebook autoliker
  10. It will start increasing my Likes facebook autoliker

CONGRATS! You have DONE it.


  • Must enable the Followers setting.
  • Must set your posts privacy to public option.

You can apply the same procedure to get likes whenever you like and wherever you like in your profile.

You can download the facebook autolike app from here

Facebook Autoliker: Click here

Are you facing any problem regarding this?write down below in the comments section and I will surely help you out with it.

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