How to find a lost phone within 5 minutes 2019

How to find a lost phone within 5 minutes

Have you lost your phone or misplaced it? Then, I will tell you about how to find it back within 5 minutes.

It becomes really a very big problem if someone losses his phone or misplaces it somewhere unreachable sight.There could be a very important data in your phone and many other personal stuff.So, your android phone security is really a big case to be considered while dealing with the important and personal stuff storing in your phone.But don’t worry if you have already lost your android/windows phone because I am going to teach you very easily about how anyone and I can find my phone within 5 minutes only.

As all of you know that today is the world of advanced technology and techniques. And here too, if you have lost your phone, you don’t need to go to police station to submit its stolen report just because you can follow some very easy steps to reach to it before you submit any report.

Whenever you buy a phone, it asks for a gmail account to link with it before you get to the home interface. Even if you don’t link any new gmail at the starting, you would be having one later one for various applications too. So, this is the main key to track and find my phone very easily and yours too.


What actually happens is google stores the information of the device you logged in from and completely accesses its info like location, IMEI number, Device model, Brand etc. So, whenever you loss you a phone this is the primary key to get to your phone before going to any police station. You will need to verify yourself by logging into your gmail from anywhere which is very easy. And after that you can access you device details completely and its location too and you can control the main and important functions like data control, location, security lock, message, reset etc.

So, let’s start the procedure about how you can access your phone just by using your gmail account and that too within 5 minutes.

Follow the steps given below:

  1. Firstly grab any device supporting internet and login to the gmail account, you have linked with your lost phone. And synchronize its details from the settings and then under the google accounts.
  2. Then you can download the software if you are using any android device. The software is name Android device manager in the google playstore.
  3. Or either you can directly go to your browser if you are not using an android phone. There, just go to the gmail account login and login with your account.
  4. Next, here, you can just go to the google and search for “Android device manager”. And there it will bring you herefind my phoneNow, click on the first link.
  5. After that, it will ask you to select a gmail account. And you will have to choose yours. And then login through it once againfind my phone
  6. So, here, after logging in with your account, you will see all of your connected devices where you have linked you gmail account tofind my phone
  7. I have selected one among the enlisted devices. After this, it will get to its present location from the map. And you can zoom in to the map and can get its location.find my phone
  8. Further, if you are not getting the location or you can’t reach to it then there are some other important options present. These are
    • Ring
    • Lock
    • Erase
  9. Ring 

    This option can be used to ring your device without any call. And the ring will continue be ringing for 5 minutes. And if it is present near you, you can easily reach up to it.find my phone

  10. Lock

    This is really a very cool option provided by android device manager. Here, you can set a new password to you phone. Also, you can set a message to appear on the lock home screen and can write about the phone lost. And the next option under this is that you can submit your phone number so that the founder could contact you back. Here, I have written some details that will be appearing on the devicefind my phone

    Now, you can see how it is appearing on the phonefind my phone

  11. Erase

    This is the last thing you can use and also a very good option. Here, you can erase all of the present in your phone. After erasing, it will format your phone. But still, the founder will not be able to use your device. He will again reach to the lock screen which you set by using Lock option.find my phone

If still you are now able to reach your device then you can submit an FIR in police station. But by using the method mentioned above, chances of getting your phone rise up to 60%. And this is the best method to find your phone without any professional help. This is how i find my phone.

Tips to make your android phone secure of being stolen for ever:

  • Make sure you are having at least one gmail account linked with your device.
  • Always try to keep your location or gps ON.
  • Use the best of internal security features of your device because they are different for each device.

If you are still facing any problem regarding this, write down below in the comments section and I will try my best to resolve your problem in how to find my phone easily.

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