GFI MAX RemoteManagement Aspects Useful for You

The GFI MAX Remote Management can help you increase your business, earn more income, entice more customers. Also, it is useful to tie up wandering respite/fix customers for you – and helps it be easy.

Moreover, this wonderful and useful RMM tool has been built for use by any business design. Whether you’re breaking in the action/fix, support Company or monitored services, MAX can help you deliver superior IT support services.

This distant management software is made for MSPs and IT Support companies of most sizes. No real matter what business design you’re jogging, the complete RMM software can help you deliver an excellent service to your visitors. MAX can help you cut costs.



The GFI MAX is the wonderful tool that helps IT Support Companies and MSPs develop monthly income from existing customers. Moreover, it entices clients with affordable, high-value, easy-to-use services and deliver proactive, cheap services to expand an IT business profitably. GFI MAX offers a range of built-in software alternatives built designed for IT Support Companies and MSPs. They are fast to put into practice, low effort to control and completely brandable. It means that your customers see their value.

The GFI MAX system permits MSPs to provide been able antivirus, been able online backup, remote control support, email security, programmed monitoring, patch management, advantage monitoring, alerting and taking a look at and confirming all from an individual dashboard.

GFI MAX Universal remote Management and its own associated products help IT Support Companies display their degree of care to possible new clients. In addition, it helps them deliver a faster, more pro-active service more profitably to existing clients. GFI MAX is employed across the world because of it Support companies of most sizes, to perform their client relationships profitably.

GFI MAX RemoteManagement – Features


Server monitoring

Easily and effectively screen and manage the fitness of one of the very most critical business systems – the server.

GFI MAX RemoteManagement Server Monitoring can help you avoid the dangers of expensive remedial action and reputational harm. It is possible through proactive monitoring of server security, hardware and drive, performance, applications and unique software.

Network monitoring

GFI MAX RemoteManagement offers a comprehensive selection of Network Monitoring and Performance Management alternatives.

These help you control network performance better with SNMP monitoring, network device connection assessments, TCP service monitoring and network security.

Website monitoring

GFI MAX RemoteManagement Website Monitoring tools offer an easy-to-use and effective way of providing maximum uptime.

It is a great low-cost solution for just about any business.

Workstation monitoring

With GFI MAX RemoteManagement’s Workstation Monitoring you can identify regular workstation problems.

Patch management

GFI MAX RemoteManagment’s Security Patch Management is ideal for Microsoft House windows and Office applications and other applications.


GFI MAX RemoteManagement Reporting tools produce professional, visual reports which you can use to spot tendencies in system performance.

Use this information to demonstrate the necessity for updates or replacements.

Managed antivirus

GFI MAX Managed Antivirus enables you to deploy, keep an eye on, manage, statement and automatically fix disease threats by efficiently configuring an antivirus agent on servers and workstations.

Receive notifications in the Dashboard and lessen your workload with computerized remedial action.

  • Total systems branding
  • The complete GFI MAX RemoteManagement system can be top quality with your personal brand and straplines.
  • This can help you win over users with ‘your’ advanced system and subsequently get more business.
Integration with a variety of PSA, help table, ticketing and other systems

GFI MAX RemoteManagement Integration gives you to efficiently combine your PSA tools, help table, ticketing and other systems with GFI MAX RemoteManagement.

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Integration can certainly help you run your procedure more efficiently.

Remote access

GFI MAX RemoteManagement’s ‘Take Control’ feature allows one-click remote control support for servers and workstations.

Seen through the dashboard, you are capable of doing both went to and un-attended focus on servers and workstations without departing your desk.

Alerting and viewing

This amazing tool provides you the RemoteManagement Alerting and Looking options that help you stick to the surface of the networks you deal with at any hour, in a manner that fits you best.

Get alerted to problems with Instant Email and Text Alerts as soon as GFI MAX RemoteManagement picks up issues. Also, view the position of your entire clients on the web Dashboard on your computer. It also include your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, a cellular phone with the MiniDashTM view or on a huge screen in your workplace with the WallChart.

Asset tracking

With GFI MAX RemoteManagement’s IT Property Tracking, you are capable of doing computerized scans of your customers’ sites.

It is fully included with the “GFI MAX” RemoteManagement Dashboard. This will allow you to view complete information about your client’s software and hardware investments from one sole user interface – wherever you are.

Web Security

MSPs is now able to stop clients’ end-users from unintentionally visiting harmful websites. These include the web host malware, proxies, spyware, adware, botnets, and spam, as well as websites made to perform phishing problems.

The MSPs is now able to provide confidence that their clients’ employees are keeping profitable while at their desks by enforcing web-browsing guidelines designed for the workplace by using whitelists and blacklists that supplement category based filtration systems. Also, the web filtering plans to allow customers to safeguard themselves from legal responsibility. Moreover, it decreases the threat of a security breach by putting into action proactive Access to the internet controls.

Bandwidth Monitoring

It is the system that makes the MSPs automatically alerted. It is useful when there is certainly extreme bandwidth activity over a client’s network. They are useful to identify the reason and address the problem before it disrupts business procedures. You can filter the internet activities by day, category and Web address to reveal developments, spikes, and irregularities which may be affecting productivity.

GFI MAX offers a range of built-in software alternatives built designed for IT Support Companies and MSPs that are fast to put into practice, low effort to control and completely brandable. It means that your customers see their value. Furthermore, it is the system that permits the MSPs to provide vital facilities. Moreover, these facilities include the antivirus, monitored online backup, remote control support, email security, programmed monitoring, patch management, advantage monitoring, alerting and confirming all from an individual dashboard.

Integration Features

While using the integration of Autotask, you can automatically increase, upgrade and close the tickets in Autotask predicated on IT support activities performed in GFI MAX. Dynamically map clients and devices between GFI MAX and Autotask for smooth IT services management. The two-way integration gives you to perform activities in either program and automatically revise the other, including time put in and the logging of support activity fine detail, letting you jointly integrate both services into the support organization’s workflow for a competent and user-focused experience.

  • Automatically sync accounts (clients) and products (devices)
  • Automatically create accounts and products in Autotask because they are put into GFI MAX
  • Map IT support duties and happenings to Autotask’s solution creation and quality workflow

The GFI MAX RemoteManagement is a completely presented RMM tool for MSPs and IT Support with an enormous selection of features and an enviable roadmap!

Give it a try on your own. Also observe how GFI MAX RemoteManagement will make a notable difference to your business with this phenomenal tool.

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