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Remote access android phone

Do you want to remote access android phone very easily? Here is the easy and best guide for remote access android phone.

Although there are many apps fro the purpose of remote access android phone, I have brought to you, the best of the two apps for remote access android phone.

First of all, you will have to set up these applications in the host device and phone and then you can easily remote access android phone. So, let’s begin with the guide.

Here, we will use the top and best two apps for remote access android phone. Both of these apps are free to use and very easy to operate.

Apps for remote access android phone.

  1. TeamViewer
  2. InkWire

1. TeamViewer

As there is already a Teamviewer software for PC, you can also use it in Android for Android purposes i.e remote access android phone.

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The process for android is little complex. You will have to install two different apps on Host device (the device that you want to access) and Client Device (your device).

Host device = the device that you want to access and control as “remote access android phone”

Client Device = your device, from where you are going to ‘remote access android phone’ (host phone)


    1. Install TeamViewer for Remote Control on Your Phone (Client device)
    2. Install TeamViewer QuickSupport on Host device (the device which you gonna access remotely)
    3. A Code/ID will be shown on the Host device on opening Quick Support app installed in step 2.
    4. After this, you will have to open Remote control app on your phone and enter that Code and click on Remote control button.
    5. And you can then easily control or access that device / phone remotely as “remote access android phone“.

The PROBLEM here is, Sometimes it doesn’t work (or) Need you to introduce additional modules.

What’s more, you need to dependably introduce 2 Apps on both gadgets to get to gadgets from each other.


InkWire is specifically made for Android for “remote access android phone.

The magnificence of Inkwire is its Simple and Easy to utilize and Works incredible. You don’t need to introduce various applications. Simply Single application will be sufficient.


    • Just Install InkWire app both on Host and Client phones
    • After this, open InkWire application on Host (gadget that you need to get to) and tap on Share. Presently you will see a 16-digit code.remote access android phone
    • Now open Inkwire on Client Device. And click on Access. And enter that code and tap Accessremote access android phone
    • You are all done. Now, you can easily remote access android phone

The Most helpful element of Inkwire is Voice Chat. When you turn ON Voice chat, you can see the screen of your Friend and TALK to him Simultaneously.

This is how you can remote access an android phone easily.

If you are facing any problem regarding this, write down below in the comments section.

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