Understand and Fix Rundll32.exe Windows Host Process (rundll32)

Your business PC hosts primary framework documents that you may never observe while perusing records. For example, spreadsheets, cost reports and others in Windows Explorer. One framework document, rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32), runs unobtrusively out of sight. It is helping the programs that enable you to deal with your business beneficially. Generally, you don’t have to know much about the rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32) document. You’ll most likely never need to run it. However, a little information about how it functions may enable you to recognize potential dangers to your figuring background.

What Is Rundll32.exe Windows Host Process (rundll32)

The “rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32)” program is only the errand person. In spite of the fact that it very well may be mishandled to run nasty programming, or you may occasionally observe rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32) in a blunder message, the program itself is no doubt, not the issue tyke. No, it’s presumably one of the DLLs that rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32) is running that is causing you hardship.

Try not to be astonished in Windows 7 not to discover any tasks utilizing rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32). It’s a more seasoned innovation, and you’d run more seasoned applications or amusements to perceive any dynamic rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32) tasks.

The first program to run DLL documents was named rundll.exe. That was the filename utilized with the Windows 95, 98, and Me releases. Since Windows XP is a 32-bit working framework, the filename was changed to rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32).

This program is a piece of Windows and is utilized to run program code in DLL documents as in the situation that they were inside the actual program. However, numerous infections likewise use this name or corresponding ones. This document is additionally usually utilized by spyware to dispatch its own particular noxious code.

The Job of Rundll32

DLL records aren’t applications, so they can’t run alone. Different projects open DLLs to utilize their highlights. At the point when Windows needs to open a DLL record straightforwardly, it utilizes Rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32), an application made mainly to stack DLL documents.

The most effective method to Utilize Rundll32

Amid everyday PC utilize, you never need to utilize Rundll32 physically. Windows runs the program as required off camera. In the impossible circumstance that you have to stack a DLL record, type Rundll32, trailed by the name of the DLL, and press Enter. The Rundll32 command prompt command has no different switches or choices.

Assess Rundll32 in Task Manager

Windows, for the most part, has something like one duplicate of Rundll32 running at some random time. In Windows 8, check the Subtle elements tab in the Task Manager (press Ctrl-Alt Esc) to see insights about Rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32) and other dynamic projects.

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As a rule, you don’t have to stress over Rundll32, however in the happening that you see a few running duplicates or if Rundll32 is utilizing a high level of your CPU control, check its area to ensure it’s an official Windows process. Right-click each duplicate of Rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32) and pick Open File Location to discover its source. The good Rundll32 will open to C:\Windows\System32 or C:\Windows\SysWOW64. When another area opens instead, run a full infection filter, as the Rundll32 may be a phony.

Windows incorporates a considerable number of dynamic link libraries that give framework highlights to different applications to utilize. For instance, when you click Save As, relatively every program shows a similar discourse box. By utilizing these DLL framework assets, programs require less space and program engineers don’t need to reevaluate the wheel for each application.

Dynamic Link Libraries

Numerous local Windows applications and outsider projects utilize the usefulness found in libraries living in the Windows System32 organizer. These Dynamic Link Libraries rearrange a product engineer’s activity and help save you circle space. Since an application can basically execute a capacity that as of now lives in your System32 folder, the application’s designers don’t need to compose code to play out that capacity or incorporate it in the establishment document that you download. Individuals who comprehend Windows internals can likewise run DLLs from the Windows Command prompt by composing “Rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32)” and the name of the DLL they wish to run.

Experiences with rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32)

In the situation that you ever utilize Windows Task Manager to view the processes that are running on your PC, you may see the rundll32 process. Some PC clients may considerably think about whether their PCs have an infection when they look at that DLL in the process list. The official Windows Rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32) is protected and can’t hurt your PC; there is no compelling reason to evacuate it or prevent the process from running. Rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32) is an essential Windows process that dispatches other 32-bit DLLs that dwell on your PC.

Precautionary measures

Infection producers can assign names to infections they disperse. This disastrous capacity makes it feasible for them to name one “rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32).” If your PC has a phony rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32) process running, it won’t show up in the standard Windows System32 organizer where alternate DLLs live. Infections and different types of malware can trade off your security, take necessary business data and pulverize records on your hard drive. Run an antivirus scanner in the happening that you find a process that you believe is masquerading as the rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32) DLL.

Recognizing Counterfeit Rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32) Processes

The Task Manager causes you to spot fake rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32) operations. View your PC’s running processes by right-clicking a vacant region close to your PC clock and clicking the Start Task Manager to open the Task Manager. After you click “View” and select “Select Columns, you will see a rundown of columns you can add to the Task Trough forbidden showcase. Putting a check stamp in the “Picture Way Name” checkbox and clicking “OK” includes the Picture Way Name column to the table; it shows each process’ organizer way. You at that point can look for processes named rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32) that don’t live in the Windows System32 organizer.

Why rundll32.exe Windows Host Process (rundll32) Use Memory

You are no uncertainty perusing this article since you’ve looked in task manager and pondered what on earth every one of those rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32) processes are, and why they are running… So what are they?


In the occasion that you’ve been around Windows for any measure of time, you’ve seen the zillions of *.dll records in each application organizer, which are utilized to store essential bits of utilization rationale that can be gotten to from numerous applications.

Since there’s no real way to dispatch a DLL record correctly, the rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32) application is just used to send usefulness put away in shared .dll documents. This executable is a legitimate piece of Windows, and typically shouldn’t be a danger.


The substantial process is regularly situated at \Windows\System32\rundll32.exe. Yet, here and there, spyware utilizes a similar filename. It runs from an alternate registry with a specific end goal to camouflage itself. In the happening that you think you have an issue, you should dependably run an output no doubt. However, we can check precisely what is happening. So continue perusing.

Research Utilizing Process Explorer on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and so forth

Rather than utilizing Task Manager, we can utilize the freeware Process Explorer utility from Microsoft. We do it to make sense of what is happening. It has the advantage of working in each form of Windows and being the best decision for any investigating activity.

Just dispatch Process Explorer, and you’ll need to pick File \ Show Details for All Processes to ensure that you see everything.

Rundll32.exe Windows Host Process (rundll32) 1

Presently when you drift over the rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32) in the rundown, you’ll see a tooltip with the points of interest of what it really is:

Rundll32.exe Windows Host Process (rundll32) 2

Or, on the other hand, you can right-click, pick Properties. Afterward, investigate the Image tab to see the full pathname that is being propelled. Also, you can even observe the Parent process. In this case, it is the Windows shell (explorer.exe). It is showing that it was likely propelled from an alternate way or startup thing.

Rundll32.exe Windows Host Process (rundll32) 3

You can peruse down and view the points of interest of the record just as we did in the task manager area above. In my occurrence, it’s a piece of the NVIDIA control panel, as I’m not going to make a move.

The most effective method to Impair the Rundll32 Process (Windows 7)

Contingent upon what the process is, you won’t have any desire to impair it fundamentally. However, in the happening that you might want to, you can type msconfig.exe into the search. You ought to have the capacity to discover it by the Command column. It ought to be the same as the “Command line” field we found in Process Explorer. Just uncheck the container to keep it from beginning consequently.

Rundll32.exe Windows Host Process (rundll32) 4

Once in a while, the process doesn’t really have a startup thing. You’ll likely need to do some exploration to make sense of where it was begun from. For example, in the happening that you open up Display Properties on XP you’ll see another rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32) in the rundown. You need it because the Windows inside uses rundll32 to run that exchange.

Incapacitating in Windows 8 or 10

In case you’re utilizing Windows 8 or 10, you can utilize the Startup segment of Task Manager to undermine it.

Rundll32.exe Windows Host Process (rundll32) 5

Utilizing Windows 7 or Vista Task Manager

One of the immense highlights in Windows 7 or Vista Task Manager is the capacity to see the full command line for any running application. For example, you’ll know that I have two rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32) operations in my rundown here:

Rundll32.exe Windows Host Process (rundll32) 6

In the happening that you go to View \ Select Columns, you’ll see the alternative for “Command line” in the rundown. You need to check it.

Rundll32.exe Windows Host Process (rundll32) 7

Presently you can see the full way for the record in the rundown. You’ll notice that it is the legitimate way for rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32) in the System32 catalog. Moreover, the contention is another DLL that is really what is being run.

Rundll32.exe Windows Host Process (rundll32) 8

In the happening that you peruse down to find that document, which in this precedent is nvmctray.dll, you’ll, for the most part, observe what it really is the point at which you drift your mouse over the filename:

Rundll32.exe Windows Host Process (rundll32) 9

Else, you can open up the Properties and investigate the Subtle elements. Do this to see the document depiction. It will disclose to you the reason for that record.

When we comprehend what it is, we can make sense of in the happening that we need to undermine it or not, which we’ll cover underneath. In the incident that there isn’t any data whatsoever, you ought to Google it. Or, you can ask someone on an accommodating gathering.

If all else fizzles, you should post the full command way over on an accommodating gathering. Also, get guidance from another person that may find out about it.

Precautionary measures

Infection producers can assign names to infections they spread. This tragic capacity makes it workable for them to say one “rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32). If your PC has an imposter rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32) process running, it won’t show up in the regular Windows System32. Here, one different DLLs live. Infections and different types of spyware can trade off your security. They can take necessary business information and harm records on your hard plate. Run an antivirus assurance in the happening that you find a movement that you accept is masquerading as the rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32) DLL.

Windows Host Process Rundll32 is a specific method. It executes DLL’s and spots their libraries to the capacity with the goal that they can be used all the more productively by applications. The program is essential for that steady and safe working of your PC and ought not to be ended. Check and ensure that the specific rundll.exe is arranged inside the System32 organizer. In that case, it’s the dependable Microsoft process; perhaps it’s a virus.

The data that is shown just disclose to you some guidelines about what the rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32) program is doing. Just when you know which nasty projects to look for would you be able to affirm that rundll32.exe windows host process (rundll32) is running them.