Three Solutions How to Play MKV Files in Different Media Player

MKV data files are video data in Matroska format, which really is a free, open multimedia system format. Matroska is similar to AVI or MP4, however, not included in patents or restrictive licenses. Finally, we will help you how to play MKV files in Media Player on your Windows Computer.

If you are like me, you will most probably have several MKV videos in your personal computer. If yes, it’s likely you have to utilize another video player for participating in such data. The Windows’ default Windows Media Player is really impressive though, but unfortunately, it generally does not support participating in MKV data files yet. Microsoft has added support for most commonly used forms like MP4, however, not MKV. Thankfully, such problems are fixed by using codecs. You might use other marketing players like VLC, for participating in MKV files.

You can also find some MKV players on the store. But if you believe in different ways, and want to know how to play MKV files using Windows Media Player, you will need to set up a codec. Without it, WMP won’t play this document type. Thankfully, the codec is currently available, so let’s set it up and enjoy participating in MKV data files in Windows Media Player.

How to Play MKV Files?

When looking how to play MKV files in Windows Media Player, you might find it shows audio tracks only but no video tutorial or other excessive playback problem. That’s because Windows Media Player doesn’t support MKV format natively. Then will there be in any manner out to use Windows Media Player play MKV videos? Sure! Continue reading and I’ll provide 3 useful alternatives in pursuing parts respectively.

Following Are the Three Steps in Parts How To Play MKV Files.

Part 1. Convert MKV to Windows Media Player Supported Format

If you want to utilize Windows Media Player as your main media player to replicate the sound and video, it’s probably that you’d find some issues with how to play MKV files format at this time of reproducing them. Just as stated above, Windows Media Player is not appropriate for this video format. Will there be in any manner out? Sure! You could convert MKV to Windows Media Player reinforced format. The Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate would be of great help, which is principally developed to convert popular video recording/audio format, including transforming MKV to any suitable video recording format for Windows Media Player.

How Exactly to Convert MKV Video for Playback in Windows Media Player

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is so user-friendly that allows that you convert MKV to Windows Media Player-compatible forms within 3 steps. Before starting out, you can view the video guide first.

Step-1 Launch this program and click Add button on the toolbar. Then go to a folder, which has your MKV files on your PC and click Add to Import them to the program.

how to play mkv files 1

Step-2 Go to the drop down set of Convert all files to the section on the right area of the program’s user interface, go for Windows Media Player-supported format from the drop-down format list, here needs WMV for example.

how to play mkv files 2

Step-3 Hit convert button to start out MKV to Windows Media Player change. After that, you can include the output video tutorial to Windows Media Player for playback.

how to play mkv files 3

Part 2. How to Play MKV Files in VLC

Although MKV has solid features to take care of video, audio, image and subtitle content in one container even if they’re in various types, it isn’t yet a business standard, which is not reinforced by any multimedia player. Here we’d specifically speak about how precisely to make use of VLC to try out MKV file, a robust open source marketing player works on Windows, MAC, Linux and UNIX OS.

Unless you want to trouble to set up codecs for Windows Media Player, or the codec fails for some anonymous reasons, you can test other media players.

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To begin with, you will need to download VLC player from, the official website, otherwise, you can find unwanted malware. Follow the guide to set up it effectively, and then you should have 2 ways to experience MKV files using VLC.

Way-1: Right go through the MKV video record and heading to Properties in the framework menu.

how to play mkv files

Then click Change… button to swap the default request with VLC player.

how to play mkv files


From then on, simply double-click MKV record would open up it with VLC.

Way-2: Start VLC advertising player and choose Media > Open Data file… and then go directly to the location of MKV video as shown below, choose the target record and click Open up.

how to play mkv files 6

Part 3. Install Windows Media Player Codec Package

For an improved understanding, a codec is a tiny plugin that is installed on something to play music or video that is encoded or compressed. The codecs are frequently-used on the web to have the ability to decrease the size of the video or the audio tracks and therefore help its download. Most are installed with the correct players such as Windows Media Player, in the event the videos do not play. If you want to know how to play MKV files on Windows Media Player, follow the steps to set up the correct codec package.

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Step One.

Open up your MKV file with your Windows Media Player and you’ll receive a subject matter saying that manage to survive reproduce your file with Close or Web Help options, check out select Web Help.

how to play mkv files 7

Step Two:

You’ll be relocated to the web site help and in the key page, you will see a codec link under Codec is Missing. The link is which means you should select it and open up it.

how to play mkv files 8

Step Three.

Once which you have opened the link, in the plugins web page, inside the search area, copy and paste the link: shark007 to start the codecs package.

how to play mkv files 9

Step Four:

Once you’ve downloaded, you will need to select Run and Install the codecs after its proper instructions.

how to play mkv files 10

Step Five:

From then on, it will require settings, so for the click on suggested settings option. Remember that if one’s body is using 64-little, then choose for 64-little versions for home windows.

how to play mkv files 11

So, finally going right through the above procedure for running the windows media player codec to one’s system codec are certain to be effectively installed to the system and now you understand “How to Play MKV Files”. Now, you can reproduce your video recording file with Windows Media Player without problems.

how to play mkv files 12

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