Top 5 free Android Emulator (2018)

If you want free android emulator then here is the list of top 5 best Android Emulator  which you can use in your PC to run your Android device functions.

Android Emulator:

Android Emulator is a software which you can use in your PC to run your Android device functions and operations without any physical connection.

There are so many Android Emulator present on the Internet as free source and paid also. But today I am going to tell you the top 5 best free Android Emulators. You can use these emulators as to cast your Android screen whether you can say to use your Android functions in your PC directly. They are very useful why you are dealing with your PC and want to run your Android and your PC only. It could be for screen recording purpose how to perform some operations in your PC directly without using your Android device.

Features of Android Emulator

  1. You can play Android games directly in your PC.
  2. You can play all of your videos present in your Android directly in your PC without moving them.
  3. It helps you to explore your documents present in your Android device.
  4. It also helps you to customise your Android Settings directly from your PC.
  5. Using this, you can completely control, customise, overview Your Android device in your PC.

I hope, you would have understood the meaning of Android Emulator and its functions and advantages.

Without talking much and it let’s move on to the list of the best free available Android emulators for PC. So, below is the list of best free Android Emulators

  1.  MEmu

On the first position, I would prefer and suggest the MEmu android emulator. Just because I have found MEmu’s interface and functions as it delivers, are so nice and easy to use.Android emulatorAndroid emulator


  1. It presents a full Android experience with an elegant and nice desktop interaction.
  2. MEmu provides really a very Flexible customization (CPU#, memory size, resolution, device model, navigation bar location, root mode, display, interface etc.)
  3. It allows users option like Mapping the keyboard / joystick to screen touch for much better game experience on Desktop.
  4. MEmu allows Passing through sensor data (e.G. Accelerometer) to Android, so you can play car-racing like games intuitively which really very nice.
  5. Allow GPS location simulation
  6. Very easy File sharing between Windows and Android using this software.
  7. It also allows a very fast APK installation in Android by dragging and dropping from anywhere present in the windows.
  8. It has One-click android system creation / clone / deleting, and you can run multiple Android instances simultaneously in MEmu.


  1. Nox

On position second lies the Nox android emulator. It also provides a very good interface in your PC. However, I have placed it on second position in terms of reliability and interfacing.Android emulatorAndroid emulator


  • It provides a very simple interface which makes this app easy to use
  • Nox allows Intuitive keyboard mapping for app and game controls in your PC
  • It also supports for multiple control devices in PC
  • Very stable, reliable and easy to use.

On the 3rd position, it is KOPLAYER android emulator.It is also very impressive and free to use. In terms of reliability as compared to the above two, I have placed this on third position.Android emulatorAndroid emulator


  • In KOPLAYER,Multi languages are supported, including English, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Thai
  • KOPLAYER supports to keep all installed Apps & data from old version if any.
  • It has a better Graphic rendering mode for better and more smoothly gameplay
  • It includes on-off switch for Root function which is very very useful.
  • Its “Hot” section recommends you the newest and most interesting games
  • It allows users to manually input coordinates to locate positions
  • Also supports to customize Boss Key
  • Presents optimize Turn-on time, CPU and Memory usage which is a nice feature.
  • An additional good feature is Optimize full-screen effect and prompt interface

Although, Bluestacks is very popular but nowadays, it is not much popular. Because all the above mentioned android emulators have surpassed the bluestacks in many more features. So, i have placed it on 4th position. The main reason that i have placed it on 4th position is that after some time it doesn’t response well. And it is also paid somewhere. Also it makes you to install additional apps in order to use it completely which is not good at all.Android emulatorAndroid emulator


  • Plays most games well
  • Doesn’t use a lot of RAM
  • Easy to install and use

Last but not the least. Genymotion is also one of the very good free android emulator but it is a bit laggy and not very impressive to use but it could be very good someone else.Android emulatorAndroid emulator


  • It can test different Android applications easily.
  • It also provides virtual and good environment for testing some Android applications.
  • Genemotion relies on OpenGL technology.
  • It Provides a full support to all main Android devices.
  • Good and simple interface.
  • Nice 3D performance

You can install anyone of the above by simply typing their names in google search and you will find many websites where you can easily download them from. Even you can download these softwares from their official websites also which is also free of cost.

If you are facing any problem regarding this, write down below in the comments section.

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