Hello everyone!

Here, you can comment for any topic or trick you want me to post for you. So, that is why I have created this users’ requests page.

On each weekend, I will see the requested contents for the past week. And the post having more votes or you can say that the post which is requested the most by the users/visitors in the comment section below will be posted for you.

Try to request for posts related to the technology only. (e.g Android related, PC related, Phones related, Sim cards related etc)

Don’t try to post spam comments!

Admin: Abrar-Ul-Hassan


5 Replies to “Users’ Requests”

  1. Hi can you please supply me with the link to download windows img for limbo. Need to run Windows on my android tablet.

    1. Hi Lebogang!
      You can download them from here: Download
      Moreover, if you have a PC, you can download and windows iso file and then convert it to img fiile by using a tool called WINISO 🙂

        1. Its a file present in google drive. . Try to get it in desktop else for cell phone, if you cant download it try signing in with google drive in the same browser and then download it again. And at the top right corner, you will find the download ⬇ icon

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