Windows 10 pop up blocker | Complete basic guide and errors fixing (2019)

Windows 10 pop up blocker

Windows 10 pop up blocker / unblock easy complete tutorial. Learn about how to do this and how to fix all of its its errors.

A window panel which suddenly appears or pops up when you select a particular option with the mouse click or if you press any special function key is called a Window pop up. The popup window contains many or single options or it could be either a menu of commands. The window popped up will stay on the screen only until you choose or select any one of the command in the pop up. After selecting any command or function, the pop up disappears. There are methods to block the popups in every Windows. But however, for the Windows 10 users, these popups keep appearing even after they are disabled to appear from settings.But don’t worry because I will tell you how to use windows 10 pop up blocker to work effectively.

There could be several reasons that the popups keep on popping the window. The first among them is the lack of knowledge about how to block the popups from the configuration settings of Windows 10. Other reasons could be some invalid settings of Windows 10 or it could be improper installation of Windows 10.

One of the example of these pop ups is that whenever you try to open the Internet Explorer or any other web browser, there is a pop up window asking you to select the browser as your default browser. Even after you do select the default option, still the pop ups keep appearing whenever you reopen the browser.

What could be the solution then?

In this article I am going to tell you the available methods about how to make Windows 10 pop up blocker work properly.

Firstly I will tell you about how you can do a basic block or make use of Windows 10 pop up blocker from your Windows 10 personalization settings. If still, you are facing the same problem then, in that case, I am also going to share the solution that you can try to make it function able.

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First of all, try the basic method of the blocking of popup or simply, setting up the Windows 10 pop up blocker.

Follow these steps to manually set the Windows 10 pop up blocker.

  1. First of all, click on the windows icon and then click on settingsWindows 10 pop up blocker
  2. After reaching the settings, click on the system option present on the top left cornerWindows 10 pop up blocker
  3. Then, click on notifications and actions option present on the top of the listWindows 10 pop up blocker
  4. Here, uncheck all the options for notifications options Specifically the top one. i.e Show me tips about WindowsWindows 10 pop up blocker
  5. This is all what you can do as basic settings for Windows 10 pop up blocker.

Is it Enough?

No, There could still be a problem. If still the Windows 10 pop up blocker is not working then try the methods given below

Method 1> Run the System File Checker

If there were any errors regarding the system functioning and improper functioning (like Windows 10 pop up blocker not functioning), this procedure will detect it and will auto correct that.

Follow the procedure to Run the System File Checker tool (SFC.Exe) for detecting the errors if any

  1. First of all open the Command Prompt window by Clicking Win+R key and type cmd and click ok. Or you can open it manually.
  2. After opening the cmd window simply type sfc /scannow and hit enterWindows 10 pop up blocker
  3. Do not disturb or close the window while it is scanning for errors.

The scanning will easily identify the problems, if any and will notify you with a message either of success or unsuccessful, from the conclusion.

If it is on successful, run the scan in the safe mode.

Method 2>  Try to Fix Windows Update errors

Follow the below procedure to achieve that

      1. Firstly, Download the Windows Update Troubleshooter by searching google, and after that, select Open or Save option in the pop-up window.
      2. If you select the Save option, you will have to access the folder manually where the troubleshooter is downloaded, after the download is completed. After that, double-click the latestwu.Diagcab file to run the installed troubleshooter.
      3. Then, click on Next and follow the complete steps in the wizard to find and fix problems with the Windows Update.

    This method will also solve the windows 10 pop up blocker improper functioning.

    Method 3> Try to Perform the Clean boot on your PC/laptop

    Clean Booting will temporarily disables all of the third party applications. The Microsoft non-essential services will also be stopped for a while which is not at all harmful, so only the basic drivers will run. By this, we can detect whether a third party software is causing the issue.

    In order to do that, follow the steps given below

        1. From the Start, search for msconfig or simply type this in the run window and click ok.  
        2. After that, select the System Configuration present in the results.
        3. Then, you will find the Services tab of the System Configuration. From there, click to select the Hide all Microsoft services check box, and then, click on Disable all option.  
        4. From the Startup tab of the System Configuration, click on Open Task Manager option.  
        5. For each startup item appeared, select the item and then, click on the Disable option.  
        6. Then exit the Task Manager.  
        7. From the Startup tab of the System Configuration dialog box, simply click on OK, and then restart your computer and everything will be fine and working properly.

    This will also fix the windows 10 pop up blocker errors.

    If you are facing any problem regarding this, write below in the comment section and I will try to help you out with that.

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