Windows emulator for Android | Run any Window in Android 2019

Do you want to install a window in your android device? Then, here is the guide about how to do it by using a windows emulator.

What basically is a Windows emulator?

Windows emulator for android is a software or a program for android. It is used to Run the Windows operating system in an Android device or simply we can say to run windows on android. Hence, you can access all the features of a window like Windows XP, Windows 7, windows 8 etc in your Android device. You will be requiring a Windows img file in your SD card or internal memory. You can download any Windows img file that you want to install in your Android device from Google. So, it is very easy to use any window in Android by using Windows emulator.

Also, Windows img files download link is present at the end of the procedure

In this procedure, we will use a Windows emulator called Limbo and is also know for android emulator x86. It is one of the best available free Windows emulator for Android that one can use. It provides almost all the basic and important features. Limbo allows you to use any Windows operating system in your Android device very easily.

So, without wasting any more time let’s move on to the procedure about how we can use a Windows emulator to run Windows operating system in an Android device.

How to use limbo PC emulator?

Follow all the steps given below to wine android or simply to use the Windows 8.1 , 7, XP in your phone.

    1. First of all, you will need to download an application called Limbo PC emulator (Download link at the end of the procedure).Then, download and install the application.Windows emulator
    2. Now, you will have to download a Windows img file, which you want to install in your device ( Windows img files download link at the end of the procedure ). Then, go to your SD card or internal memory where you have installed the Limbo implication. And search for the folder called Limbo and place the Windows img file in this folder.Windows emulator
    3. After that, open the Limbo application And set the various variables’ configuration as given belowWindows emulator
      1. Load Machine > New (And then name it like windows xp, windows 7 etc )
      2. User interface > SDL
      3. Architecture > X86
      4. CPU mode > qemu32
      5. CPU cores > 4 ( Depending upon your Device performance )
      6. RAM memory > 224
  1. Now, after you have configured the software. Click on Hard Disc A and then select the windows img file from the Limbo folder which you downloaded earlierWindows emulator
  2. Then, under the Advanced options, check mark the Fullscreen option and let the rest as it is.
    Windows emulator
  3. Finally click on the Play icon to run the windows.
    Windows emulator
  4. There you go, the selected windows will run in your android device like it is running in a PCWindows emulator

Congrats! You have successfully installed a windows operating system or simply a windows in your Android device by using a Windows emulator.

So, on this limbo pc emulator windows 7 can also be easily run. Also in this limbo pc emulator windows xp is the best option one can have and one can use it for.

You can Download Limbo PC Emulator by clicking below

Download Limbo

You can Download Windows img files by clicking the Download button at the end of article

From the download file given at the end of the article, there is xp.img file download for android which is actually windows xp for android download (also known by windows xp c img file) And other windows img file for android.

If you are facing any problem regarding this, write down below in the comment section and I will help you with it.

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