Windows emulator

Windows emulator

Do you want to install a window in your android device? Then, here is the guide about how to do it by using a windows emulator.

Windows emulator

Windows emulator for android is a software or a program for android. It is used to Run the Windows operating system in an Android device. Hence, you can access all the features of a window like Windows XP, Windows 7, windows 8 etc in your Android device. You will be requiring a Windows img file in your SD card or internal memory. You can download any Windows img file that you want to install in your Android device from Google. So, it is very easy to use any window in Android by using Windows emulator.

Also, Windows img files download link is present at the end of the procedure

In this procedure, we will use a Windows emulator called Limbo. It is one of the best available free Windows emulator for Android that one can use. It provides almost all the basic and important features. Limbo allows you to use any Windows operating system in your Android device very easily.

So, without wasting any more time let's move on to the procedure about how we can use a Windows emulator to run Windows operating system in an Android device.

Just follow the procedure given below for Windows emulator for android,

    1. First of all, you will need to download anย application called Limbo PC emulatorย (Download link at the end of the procedure). Then, download and install the application.Windows emulator
    2. Now, you will have to download a Windows img file, which you want to install in your device ( Windows img files download link at the end of the procedure ). Then, go to your SD card or internal memory where you have installed the Limbo implication. And search for the folder called Limbo and place the Windows img file in this folder.Windows emulator
    3. After that, open the Limbo application And set the various variablesโ€™ configuration as given belowWindows emulator
      1. Load Machine > New (And then name it like windows xp, windows 7 etc )
      2. User interface > SDL
      3. Architecture > X86
      4. CPU mode > qemu32
      5. CPU cores > 4 ( Depending upon your Device performance )
      6. RAM memory > 224

  1. Now, after you have configured the software. Click on Hard Disc A and then select the windows img file from the Limbo folder which you downloaded earlierWindows emulator
  2. Then, under the Advanced options, check mark the Fullscreen option and let the rest as it is.Windows emulator
  3. Finally click on the Play icon to run the windows.Windows emulator
  4. There you go, the selected windows will run in your android device like it is running in a PCWindows emulator


Congrats! You have successfully installed a windows operating system or simply a windows in your Android device by using a Windows emulator.

You can Download Limbo PC Emulator by clicking below


You can Download Windows img files by clicking below


If you are facing any problem regarding this, write down below in the comment section and I will help you with it.

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53 Replies to “Windows emulator for Android | Run any Window in Android”

  1. I did all the things and I downloaded win8.1_ x86.ISO file. but after all the steps, it says “your pc needs to restart “and an error code. I restarted my phone. But it didn’t work. Pls reply me.

    1. Rafeeq sir! The architecture variable i.e (x86 here in this) should be same as that of the img file downloaded. Moreover sometime it stops working because of low specifications of the device upon which you are running the img file. Try to to step down the variable to meet your device specs more accurately. ( decrease the vale of ram and cpu core) then try again. If still if couldn’t work, download some other img file. It will work.

    1. Hi robinson!
      A better place where you can easily find any windows img file is torrent. Search on torrent sites like kickass torrentz, torrentz2 etc. If these sites are blocked by your server then you can search on google directly. A very good method to unloack any website for any region is to install vpn server application on android and then change your vpn and browse any banned website. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hello Brad!
      Yes, of course, you can run windows programs through emulator. Moreover you can also connect a mouse and keyboard to your phone through usb otg cable and can make use of them also. And ya another important thing is that, your phone should have a good ram, at least 2 gb for smooth functioning of programs in windows emulator. The performance depends upon the specs of you phone.

  2. Hey man I have some questions about this fantastic method: may I chose how much memory of the hard disk (microSD) I want donate to my system? When I will install Windows, will be it permanent? Thanks.

    1. Hi Alberto!
      As far as running windows in your android device is concerned, you don’t need to play with the sdcard. The only thing which will be required is a space where you gonna store the windows img file. And that space is the installation location of the Limbo app. Now that depends upon you whether you have installed it completely on sdcard or in internal memory (Default) of your device. Second thing is your Device/Phone’s Ram which you gonna utilize while running windows. Set the ram variable according to the Ram of your device. ( You can check your average available free ram by going to your phone Settings>Apps>Running Apps And down at the bottom, you would be able to see the Ram used and the ram which is free and a part of the free ram you can use to run the windows.
      For your second question: making it simple, Running Windows in phone by this method is just like you are running a simple app. When you are done, just minimize it or simply, you can exit from it. It is not at all a permanent thing. So, don’t worry about that. You can always exit or minimize the windows.
      Moreover the ram that you set in the limbo will be utilizing only till you are running windows.
      Extras: For your first question, if you want to donate some space/memory of your sd card to your phone/system, that is the case on increasing Ram only. Where you add a secondary Ram to your phone’s original ram to make it function more smoother. Else, you don’t need to anything with the sd card. If you want me to add a post on how to add more ram to phone using sd card you can put your request in the comments section of Users’ Requests

        page of my blog.
      Hope everything is clear now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Very very good thank you.
    Can you advise minimum settings please as my phone is 2014?
    I am scared to break my phone? can you try an old phone to make sure it is safe?
    Will this break android, or just the app will stop running?

    my spec:

    ARM Cortex-A7
    CPU bits:
    32 bit
    Instruction set:
    Level 1 cache memory (L1):
    32 KB + 32 KB
    Level 2 cache memory (L2):
    256 KB
    CPU cores:
    CPU frequency:
    1300 MHz
    GPU:ARM Mali-400 MP1
    GPU cores:
    GPU frequency:
    500 MHz
    RAM capacity:
    512 MB
    RAM type:
    RAM frequency:
    266 MHz
    Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean

    1. Thanks for your comment!
      This won’t effect your phone neither it’s gonna brick your phone. Bricking of phone often occurs because of improper rom installation, wrong rom installation, wrong playing with phone’s firmware, wrong flashing of phone etc.
      The worst that can happen with you is that you can get some lags during the running of the windows. This will work but maybe there would be some lagging issue which depends upon how much free ram available in your device and also the internal disk storage. Because of the installation of so many apps, even high specs devices can also lag. This happens because the main platform for your phone is android or ios, not windows. But yeah you can easily give it a try. Set ram to the minimum and qemu processor to the minimum value in the Limbo app.

  4. Hi Abrar,
    I have downloaded the Limbo PC emulator and windows img files . but i could not find them during Hard disc A selection. i have downloaded throu PC and move the files to my phone.

    Pls help.

    1. You will find them easily, but be sure that you have moved them to the right folder, the folder must be the one where limbo app is installed. the folder should be having in its name “Limbo”. move there as shown in the procedure and it will be appearing.

  5. I troubleshooted the stuff in here.. Cores should be only 1 but the RAM doesn’t matter, i dont have a keyboard on my phone to click the “Start Windows Normally” then i couldn’t open it… I guess that this works well, just going to download another Windows XP IMG file.

    1. Thanks for your comment Balaji. Ok, I will create a windows 7 img file soon and will send you a link to download it (on your email). Even you can do it manually too, if you have a windows cd and a pc then you can easily create an iso file and img fille of that windows. There are many free softwares availabe for pc to do this job. I will get you one soon.

    1. Hello Brian,
      No, the file is not same. Only windows file with .img extension works in Limbo emulator. Generally, you would be getting an .iso extension file for installing a windows in pc. However, the same file can easily be converted into a .img extension file. I have provided direct links to download .img files of windows vista and windows xp down at the end of the procedure. However, if you have a pc, there are so many free softwares available which can convert windows files into any format like .iso ,,, .img etc. so If you have a windows cd and a pc, you can create any windows .img file within minutes and then can use it in limbo.
      Hope it is cleared!

    1. Hello Endra!
      You don’t need to install .exe in limbo. .exe is a software setup extension which is only for pc. Whereas limo is an android app with its setup with .apk extension. For you problem, I think you are trying to run windows.exe file in limbo, which is not going to run at all. Limbo only accepts a windows file with .img extension. I have given the direct windows.img download links at the end of the procedure. You can directly download any one of them and can use them in limbo, surely, it is gonna work for you. If you still face any problem or have any other problem, feel free to ask me.

  6. Im using mi note 4,im in 4 gb ram and 64 gb internal memory variation. can you tell me recomended settings for higher performance on the emulator
    And also i need to run win 10 can you give me the link to download.

    1. Hello Siva,
      Your phone is quite enough to run any windows using Limbo. You can use the basic settings as I have shown in the article and if you want to increase them you can increase them to the max, it is not going to harm your phone in any way.
      However, I currently don’t have a windows 10 img file, will create it soon as the demand is increasing and will send you a link at your email to download it. However, you can download windows XP from the link given at the end of article.
      Hope to see you again ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Just because of a very busy schedule, I am hardly managing time for replying my visitors and helping them with their problems. However, I do this type of work on holidays like weekends and other official holidays. And don’t worry ๐Ÿ™‚ Surely, I will provide you with the windows 7 or windows 10 img. Till then, you will have to cope up with the windows XP ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Moreover, you can search these files on torrentz. They heave another new website However, these sites are banned in india, so, you can use a software called Turbo vpn in android to get access to all blocked websites. And you can easily find any type of file in Torentz ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hello Joel,
      Ya probably, it would be working fine if you have a proper demodulator or you can call it the modem in between. However you can try it without that also.

  7. Hi Abrar, thank you for this helpful information.. will you please tell me where can I find win7 ultimate.Img. I have an S6 galaxy edge+ you think win7 ultimate will work on it… thank you once again..

    1. Hello Kurt,
      You can search that on torrent,,, hopefully you will get it there. However, I will also be providing that within days. And ya, that can work on your device withe the configuration I have shown in the post.

  8. Hi Abrar
    I did the steps but after hitting play I got that black screen running then stopped with โ€œno bootable deviceโ€
    I downloaded windows 10 os from Microsoft. Please help. Thanks

    1. Hi Marc,
      This only accepts a windows with .img extension. Check yours. If it is windows.img and still not working then it could possibly be happening because of low specs of device. You can even try windowsXP.img which I have given link to download.
      Many a times, the file could also be corrupted which someone downloads.

    1. Hello Albert,
      Check whether you have placed the file at the right place. After that do check the variables are same as I have shown. And then run again. If still it is not working, possibly, there would be some error during the conversion or the original file of the windows.

  9. After the installation of window on Android phone, what type of apps will I need to run. It is android apk apps or window exe apps will I be able to run on it?

  10. I have a rooted s5 smg900f running snapdragon I have installed limbo with the image files do all the settings and make sure they are in order but when I press the play button the thing will start and stop immediately so what do you suggest I will do. Should unroot or reset my device

    1. Hello Kingsley,
      No, rooting is good for phone. Only voids warranty. No need to unroot or reset, copy the windows file somewhere else and uninstall the app and get a new one from play store. Moreover, there are two versions of this app. Try both of them. It will work fine.

    1. Hello Jack,
      Try to re-place the file file to the correct destination,,, if still it couldn’t work,, try to get the latest limbo app from the play store. There are two different versions available there. Will work definitely.

  11. How would I “install” a program to the windows using this set up? I have a favorite Bible program that I would love to be able to use on my tablet and am wondering if I would have to reinstall each time or would I be able to install and leave.

    1. Hello Dawn Milford,
      Whereas installing external programs are concerned, i didn’t try to install any external software. So, you should go through it yourself and it won’t take much time to do that. If it gets installed, you won’t need to re-install it over and over again.

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