Top 5 Audio Mods For Android

Are you looking for top audio mods for android? Then you are at the right place. Here, in this article I will tell you about the top 5 audio mods for Android.

I’m going to be showing you my top five favorite audio mods for Android. And for my pick as the best one be sure to check out the full guide over at gadget hacks. Alright now the first step we’re going to be going over is new joint now this is a regular equalizer. That has a bunch of different options depending on which type of audio you’re listening to. If you go to the main screen you can see you have an option for line out which is your headphones built-in for the speakers and Wireless. Audio mods for Android.

Top audio mods for android

If you have a sound bar or any kind of wires wireless speakers connected to your Android. Now I’d recommend only using one equalizer at a time you can see for my notification shade. I have a few open so be sure to exit out of any other one that you have open before trying a new one out now.

Next up we’re going to be using Oh music volume EQ never see more widget app hybrid. And if you hear that they see all you get when you open the app you can control your volume right here. And it hit on EQ you can see that you have a few presets. If you create your own I want to save it because hit save preset. I don’t have that option available for you. Anytime you open up the widget now you have a couple other options for virtualizer and bass boost. So you could change those as you like alright moving right along we have. I prefer Android which is your route apps you will need to have a rooted device. And that is only to install the audio driver for it. Now you don’t need to flash it through  TWRP it is just a normal apk install but for full instructions be sure to check out my other article about fully installing viber for Android. audio mods for androidAnd checking out all the features now this comes with a bunch of different options for enhancing your audio. But my favorite is called beacon vulvar. Which allows you to install IRS files and change the sound style. So you can mimic stuff like Dolby audio or HTC’s boomsound to actually install those you’re going to have to search through xva. Or just quick google search but the viper audio team has compiled their own sample pack. And now to install that you download the zip that is linked in the full guide over i gadget hacks. And then open up ES File Explorer and your downloads all you have to do is extract that I are a starter pack and you can go ahead. And copy all of them and once you have a copy go back to your SD card scroll down to viper for android select colonel and then copy all those IRS files into that and then once you go back into vai prefer Android. “Audio mods for Android
You can see under impulse response you select that and now you have all those IRS files its options you go ahead. And go through all those and pick your favorite one and then just apply it this can be applied through the phone speaker headset or Bluetooth. If you not see that option available all you have to do is hit the overflow menu. And then select UI setting and change it to expert now. If you actually want to switch from Piper for Android to a different equalizer all you have to do is go to the overflow menu again. And then uninstall driver and then it will completely remove with the VIPRE for Android driver and. You will no longer be able to get those audio enhancement and use your different equalizer next up we have audio FX a ka Max audio now this is a more simplistic version of. I prefer Android you have the normal equalizer settings along with a matched treble and Max bass option for your speakers. If you switch it to your headphones you also get the option for mac space which is similar to the surround sound setting that you get in other apps. And if you make it seem like you’re at a live performance instead of just listening into your headphones now again this is also a route apps you will need to have two WRP installed on your device in order to flash it. Because you will need to use a sip in order to install this app just be sure to enable it by switching ABI top of slider to on or opt and. We want to use audio FX or not last up we have Dolby audio which I have also covered in a separate article. So be sure to check out that for full install and feature breakdowns. But it is a very simple app all you have to do is open it up and switch between which type of experience you want or create your own through a custom setting and. Then go ahead and move the slider around to your liking and also enable surround virtualizer dialogue. (‘Audio mods for Android‘) And accent and volume leveler and to your likings is depending on which you prefer from your audio. Now again also a route apps you will need to flash it in cwr to actually install it onto your device all right guys and. For the non-root apps you are going to need to make sure that it is enabled as your equalizer easy way to do that is to open up any kind of music app. Go into the settings and then hitting an option for equalizer and go ahead and. See here that it brings up the activate wiser better having my device in this case. I have Audio FX enabled and you see up top that it is on along with all my different settings that I have set up for it.

This is all the basic about the top 5 Audio mods for Android.

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