How To install custom recovery Without PC | CWM, TWRP 100%

How To install custom recovery in your phone Without PC

Do you want to install custom recovery in your phone without using a PC? Then, today I will show you how to install it within 5 minutes.

Android is a very useful and customisable operating system for the latest phones. It is highly customisable. Users can customise it as they like. Android provides all the basic features of a phone and in addition to that, it provides many other additional important features which make day today life more easy. Similarly, one of the important features provided by the Android is the recovery option. Which are basically of two types. One is stock recovery And the other one is custom recovery.

What is Recovery for android?

Recovery is the option provided by the Android Operating System for the recovery purpose of your phone. It includes features like wiping data cache, formatting data, resetting, zip file etc. The default recovery provided by the Android is called stock recovery. And the recovery which a user himself installs in the phone is called custom recovery. Generally, you cannot access all the features in the stock recovery provided by the Android. Hence, many users install a custom recovery for additional useful features and options like installing zip files, backup, recovery, format and all the basic and important features needed for a recovery option. So, you can also install custom recovery without PC.

Types of  best basic custom recoveries

1.CWM (Clockwork mode recovery)

2.TWRP(Team Win Recovery Project)

These are the two best basic custom recoveries and are the most common recoveries.I prefer to choose TWRP. Basically, there is no such big difference the the features provided by these two recoveries. The main difference is that, in CWM recovery, you will have to use volume buttons and power button for switching and selecting purpose. Your touch will not work in this recovery. Whereas, in TWRP, you can use your touch panel were switching and selecting purpose. That is why, I prefer to use TWRP recovery instead of CWM. Hence, one can know about how to install custom recovery in phone without PC. So, today we will be discussing about how to install a custom recovery in android phone without PC. The process is very simple and easy to use. Before going to the procedure, let me tell you something important before you do this.

Must have ( compulsory requirement)

  1. Your device should be Rooted in order to install custom recovery without PC by this method.
You can read my other article about how to root Android within 5 minutes from here

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Advantages of custom recovery

  1. Best advantage if that you can install a custom ROM in your device.
  2. You can backup the existing or the stock ROM.
  3. You can install the zip files directly like Superuser SU.
  4. Delvic cache format
  5. Upgrade or downgrade your Android version.
  6. Reset phone
  7. Format
  8. Mount something
  9. Wipe
  10. Install themes
  11. It will allow you to install custom or external Kernels
  12. Addition mods install
Although you can install the custom recovery by using your PC but that is a lengthy process. Days back, it was not possible to install recovery by using the Android phone itself. It could only be done by using a PC. But now, with the advancement in technology, you can install the custom recovery just by using your android phone. Here,in this process, i will tell you only about how you can “install custom recovery without PC”. i.e by using your android device only, that means without any PC.


In this method, we will use an app called Flashify (Download link at the end of the procedure). Also make sure that you download the same version that I have provided at the end of procedure. This is the best app for android to install custom recovery in your phone. It updates the recoveries present in the app on the routine basis. So, you will always get the best and latest custom recovery for your device. The app will remove your default stock recovery and hence, will flash the custom recovery you selected without any problem.

Features of flashify

  1. You can create backup of your stock ROM and Default kernel
  2. Also, you can install the latest custom recovery in your phone.
  3. It allows you to install any type of recovery like TWRP, CWM or Philz.
So, let’s move on to the procedure.

Follow the steps given below

  1. First of all, you can get your stock recovery by switching off your device. After that, simultaneously press the home button + power button and the volume up or down button. It will look like thisCustom recovery
  2. As I have already told you that your device should be rooted, you can see that the device I am using is also rootedCustom recovery
  3. Now, Download the same very app called Flashify from the link at the end of the description. And install it Custom recovery
  4. Now, open the app, grant root permission and it will look like thisCustom recovery
  5. Here, on the top right corner you can see the backup and restore option where you can backup your stock ROM and Default kernelCustom recovery
  6. Now, go to the flash option. And here you can also install the boot image or a recovery if you have already downloaded it. Here, I have not downloaded any. To install a new one, click on recovery image and select a custom recovery typeCustom recovery
  7. After selecting the recovery type, it will show the latest recoveries available. Click on anyone and download itCustom recovery
  8. After downloading, it will ask you to flash recovery. Click on yes and it will reboot and install the recoveryCustom recovery
  9. The device will automatically power off itself and will go to recovery mode. There, you will have some basic setup option like select language etcCustom recoverySwipe to the Right here
  10. After that, it will land you to the recovery interface like thisCustom recovery
  11. And from here you can do whatever you like. Like, I have selected the install option hereCustom recovery
Congrats! You have successfully installed a custom recovery in your Android phone. So, you can reach any time to the recovery mode by switching off your device and pressing the home key + power key and the volume up or down button simultaneously.

You can Download Flashify app by clicking the Download Button at the end of the Post.

If you are still facing any problem regarding the article: ‘How to install custom recovery without PC’, you can comment below in the comment section and I will help you out with that.

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