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Top 5 best Android antivirus

Are you searching for best Android antivirus which are totally free and could give you all the basic features? Then, here is list of them.

The Android Antivirus is a software which is used in order to protect your Android devices. The protection is against viruses, unsafe apps, potentially risky settings, bloatwares, risky apps, memory cleaning, even from theft and many more. And in order to achieve all this everyone must be looking for a best android antivirus.

Is Android Antivirus Useful?

The answer is “ Of course a big YES”.Android antivirus is very important in order to protect your phone from malwares, viruses, risky apps and many other bad elements.


The main advantages of using an android antivirus are:

  1. They are used for Malwares blocking purpose.
  2. Can be used for Virus blocking.
  3. They can be used for heat reduction in heat sensitive devices or excess heating devices. It is done by removing/blocking the apps responsible for producing it.
  4. Increases overall speed or RAM of the device. This is done by removing viruses and delaying/blocking heavy apps. And hence, the more RAM of the phone will be released.
  5. Increases Battery performance. It is also done by blocking some of the features of non useful apps which are running in background. Hence, overall battery performance increases.
  6. Antivirus can also be used to Track your phone if it is lost. The top rated antiviruses support this feature.
  7. Additional security of the phone is supported by many of the best antiviruses.
  8. Many of them provide Dictation/indication of harmful apps before installing those risky apps.

And there are so many other important features also,which an antivirus provides you.

So, here is the list of the top 5 antivirus which are totally free to use and provide the best of all the features.

1. MOBILE SECURITY AND ANTIVIRUSMobile security and antivirus

On number first position is the “mobile security and antivirus”. Just because it offers all the very best features which an antivirus should have.Mobile security and antivirus


  • Real-time Scanning: It ensures that all apps and communication are screened for malware. You stay well-protected against all of the online and offline threats, even USSD code attacks (a protocol used by GSM phones to talk to the service provider’s computers).
  • On-demand Scanning: Whenever you suspect foul play, run a scan on your phone. It takes place silently in the background, without interrupting your ongoing activities. Access logs and detailed scan results to check for detected threats.
  • ESET Live Grid: It Ensures real-time protection against emerging threats by using in-the-cloud technology collecting malware samples from ESET product users from all over the world.
  • Detection of Potentially Unwanted Apps: Uncover apps that may do harm by exploiting your phone’s data or functions. Early detection shields you from attempts to send SMS or make calls to premium numbers.
  • It supports the feature of Remote Siren.
  • Also provides a feature of Remote Lock.

These enlisting are also provided on their official sites

2.AVIRA ANTIVIRUSAvira antivirus

On Second position, lying is Avira Antivirus. This is also a free antivirus Software to use and provides all the good basic features of a good Antivirus.Avira antivirus


  • Lock feature is provided for additional security and protection of the device.
  • Wipe feature is provided to wipe off the unuseful data and applications and junk files too.
  • Basic Antivirus feature is provided to scan your whole device for viruses, malwares and every risky app.
  • Locate feature is provided to locate your device if you have lost it somewhere.
  • Yell feature id provided if you have misplaced your phone very nearby.
  • Blacklist feature is also included to blacklist phone numbers and sms blocking from them.
  • ID Safeguard is also provided for additional security.

3.TRUST GO ANTIVIRUSTrust go antivirus

Number third position is occupied by this brilliant antivirus. It is very easy to use and also free.Trust go antivirus


  • Malware Protection is provided.
  • Data backup features is provided in order to backup your important data.
  • Android Security feature.
  • Remote control Anti-Theft feature.
  • Privacy Guard option is included for privacy protection and security.

4.KASPERSKY ANTIVIRUSKaspersky antivirus

It is lying on number fourth position because it is the latest antivirus for android and is not tested for long runs. Although its PC version is too good. It is assumed that very soon it will take the first position in the best android antivirus list. Just because in a very short period of time, it has gained a lot of popularity and ratings too for its performance and features.Kaspersky antivirus


  • Phone Security
  • Manual Scan option
  • Automatic Scan
  • Privacy option for data protection
  • Anti-Phishing feature for defence against phishing attacks through phishing sites and sms links.
  • Call and Text Filtering feature.
  • Confidentiality feature to hide contacts, calls, texts & logs from prying eyes
  • Android Wear feature.

5.360 Security or 360 Degree Scan360 security

It is also one of the best Android Antivirus and is free to use as basic version. It is very common in almost all Android users.360 securityFeatures

  • Solid malware detection Feature
  • Boost option is present in order to release some memory or RAM.
  • Call Blocking feature.
  • Sim Alert Feature.
  • Apps Locker is also provided.
  •  Anti-Theft Protection is present 

Now, it all depends upon you whether what type of or what features you want in your Antivirus. The above list includes all the top 5 best Android antivirus till yet and are not based upon what would be happening in the future. All the features included are officially declare by their official websites also.

You can install any among these by just typing in The respective name of the Antivirus. As the pictures are already showing you how they appear in Playstore. So, just search for what you like among these and grab the latest version and Protect your Device from all bad stuff.

For any further information related to the stuff, write down to me below in the comments section and I would appreciate that.

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